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Ceewix Candles is a US Navy Veteran owned company located in Raleigh, NC.

Our Collections all have a story:

1. Juanita's Flower and Garden Collection:
Juanita is the owner's Grandmother that loved Flowers and Gardening. Her favorite Flower was a Gardenia. We capture this flower perfectly blended in our Mango Get Away Candle.
2. Fake It 'Til You Bake it
The owner is not a cook so if by chance you come to his home and you smell the sweet smells of a Lemon Pound Cake or a Blueberry Cheesecake it's a candle. :-)
3. Lewis Henry Collection
This collection is dedicated to the owner's grandfather. This collection captures any candle that reminds the owner of him. Masculine but smooth smelling candles sum up this collection.

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Kind words from our customers:

  • Amazon Review

    Gena J.

    I bought a couple of these candles for Christmas gifts and my friends LOVED these candles. They raved about not only how great they smelled but how beautiful the actual candles were along with the packaging.

  • Facebook Review

    Sherie E.

    I received my candles and hand soap! Thx so much! I must say these are the best smelling candles that I have ever purchased!!!!!! Please everyone order, order, order!!!!! These are a WINNER! Ceewix Candles best of luck!!!!! I will be ordering again! Take care!

  • Amazon Review


    Seller is very courteous and attentive to the customers needs. I have bought several candles and never been disappointed.

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